The Grad Acting Alumni Association

Mission Statement

As alumni of the NYU TSOA Grad Acting Program, we are passionate about the training we received and dedicated to enhancing our essential roles as artist citizens. We have created the Grad Acting Alumni Association to engage and connect the alumni of our program. Through the GAAA, the combined power of our alumni’s skills and talents will function as a multidimensional support mechanism, helping us to excel as the artist citizens we were trained to become. In collaboration with our NYU colleagues and other supporters, our Association is committed to sustaining the Grad Acting Program’s excellence, competitive edge, and diversity for years to come. We have created the Grad Acting Alumni Fund to further those goals and enable our graduates to go forth as distinguished artists and contributing citizens, unencumbered by prohibitive debt.

Our association:

  • Facilitates opportunities to develop and showcase new work
  • Builds and sustains a network of our graduates
  • Maintains an interactive website
  • Raises funds for the Grad Acting Alumni Fund, which will ensure Tuition Freedom in perpetuity for the program’s future students

The Board

The Board of the Grad Acting Alumni Association is currently: Freddy Asenault ('08), Eliza Baldi (’05), John Ellison Conlee ('94), David Costabile (’95), Stephanie DiMaggio (‘08), Ben Graney (‘08), Krystel Lucas ('08), Ann Matthews, Katie Meister ('09), Rachel Mewbron ('11), Nick Mills ('06), Gary Dean Ruebsamen ('88), Danielle Skraastad (’99), Rich Topol ('88) Jonathon Ward, Dionne Lea Williams ('97), Victor Williams ('95), Stacey Yen ('06), and Elizabeth Zins ('98).

The Graduate Acting Alumni Fund

The GAAA Fund pays for places where alumni gather to keep alive the creative conversations we began as students. These places sustain the common vocabulary and spirit we share.The GAAA Fund supports this website, as well as the Programs & Initiatives listed on it. The GAAA Fund also supports THE TUITION FREEDOM CAMPAIGN, which could make NYU’s Graduation Acting Program tuition free for every student in perpetuity.