A new program that provides you exclusive access to purchase house seats and receive backstage tours for Broadway shows and more, and supports scholarships for current students of NYU’s Graduate Acting Program.  



We at GAAA, the Graduate Acting Alumni Association of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, are proud to offer GAAA TIX to you and your friends and family.  A minimum donation of $100 to GAAA’s Scholarship Fund will provide you with access to purchase house seats to Broadway shows starring our very own Grad Acting Alumni from now until June 2014.  House seats are some of the best seats in the orchestra that are NOT available to the general public but are reserved for purchase for those directly involved in the production.  But now you’ll be able to buy them too.  Presently we have access to such shows as Waiting for Godot & No Man’s Land starring Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen, Twelfth Night & Richard III starring Mark Rylance, The Lion King, Rock of Ages, Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 among others.  For those interested, we may also be able to organize a backstage tour after the performance led by our very own Alumnus in the show.  



Your entire gift will be used to support scholarships. And since GAAA is organized within New York University -- a 501(c)(3) charitable organization -- your gift may be deductible as permitted by law.  The Fund is used to help aspiring artists graduate from NYU’s Grad Acting Program without a massive burden of debt, so they can choose to pursue their careers wherever that may take them.  So they can afford to work off-off-Broadway, or on a workshop of a new musical, or create their own show.  So if they aren’t immediately cast in a television series or the next Spielberg movie, they can still focus full time on honing their craft and developing their skills.  And someday down the road, they can be leading you on a backstage tour at the Broadway show that they are in.  



Click on the GAAA TIX link below.  Once you’ve made your contribution, contact at  We will give you a current list of available shows from which you can choose your house seats to buy.  Remember, for the most popular Broadway shows, house seat requests may need to be submitted 3 or 4 weeks BEFORE the performance you’d like to attend.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about GAAA TIX.  


To sign up for GAAA Tix, click here to fill out our form!