mentoring program


1.  Upon graduation, a brand new alumni is paired with an older, wiser, and more experienced alumni to help teach and grow the next generation of NYU Grad Actors in the real world.


Be A Mentor

As outlined so eloquently by Victor Pappas, the Mentoring Program seeks to bridge the gap between our newly graduated and our returning alumni.

The advantage of having a mentor is fairly evident for the newly graduated NYU student. One has the opportunity to speak with someone who has walked a path similar to the one about to be undertaken. Experience is a valuable resource. Yet, the mentor has an equally compelling reason to enter into this relationship. Having been out in the “real world” for a time, a mentor has the opportunity to return to the atmosphere of a rigorous training program. Through a relationship with a “mentee”, a mentor is reminded of the single-minded focus of a newly-trained actor and can be reacquainted with the fierce intelligence and appetite of someone just entering the professional world. It can be a deeply profound and invigorating experience to be reminded of the priorities and concerns of a younger self.

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