Writers Forum


1. A forum consisting of NYU Grad Acting Alumni who have their writings of any kind read aloud in any stage of completion in a safe and supportive environment.


Two New Plays and a Video Series 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Participants this month included: Lynn Silver (’80), Honor Molloy (’83), Maria Guida (‘76), Stacey Linnartz (’08), Catherine Bruno (’78), Melissa Hurst (’78), Carter Jackson, Matt Carlson (’08), Ian Lassiter (’10), Michael Schantz (’10), Jeremy Rishe (’05), Jonathon Ward

We presented scenes or excerpts from three works.

Behind Closed Doors by Lynn Silver

We read the first scene of Lynn’s new play which takes place in a teacher’s lounge in a public high school in New York.  The teachers are under pressure not only because it’s the end of the term but because someone has been changing students’ grades so the school does not get marked as failing.   The spirited and often raucous back and forth between the teachers captures the tensions that public school teachers live with everyday.

Lynn brings the sometimes desperate, frustrated, angry and funny reality through the play to the stage.

Deadliest Person Alive by Jonathon Ward

This play is about a well-to-do pharmaceutical family whose father, the founder of the Empire Medical Company, has been in a coma for six months after an alleged attempt on his life.  The family and the father’s personal lawyer must decide whether to let the source of their privileged life die or continue to hope for a miracle that will erase the public suspicions that they have murdered him to take control of his company.   It’s a dysfunctional family drama intertwined with a classic whodunit which explores contemporary healthcare issues.

Ghost of Shakespeare Video Series by Jeremy Rishe and Stacey Linnartz

Shakespeare is reincarnated in a puppet who seeks to understand contemporary life in episodes such as “As You Hike It”, “Shakespeare Rockband”, “Shakespeare Kicks Ass, Part I, II, and III”, “Shakespeare’s Roadtrip”  and “The Enthusiast”  Follow this link to experience them for yourself: The Enthusiast.   Arthur Lazalde (’07) joins Stacey, Jeremy, Leighton Bryan (’11), Shane Ann Younts and Devon Caraway on the funny, outrageous, improvisatory journey of the ghost of Shakespeare.